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Meditation #1 – Koito

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This is the first in a new series of videos designed to be musically and visually soothing, meditative, or otherwise pleasing.  More videos will feature other instruments and guest musicians.  If you have an idea or inspiration for a meditation, please share it with me.  Who knows? Your idea could[…]

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New Music Is Here!

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As promised, there is new music! Ocean Amblin’ This is a song that has been in development for many years. It all started at a jam session when someone suggested we groove on a 2-chord progression that was quite pretty. The person who suggested it said that he was working[…]

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Walking With Nature

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Yesterday was really productive.  I spent the day at Pyrate Llama Studios to catch up with some new tracks and explore some recording techniques, and thanks to input from those present, a new project is starting to take shape! The New Project While we were setting up, I was talking[…]

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photo of a bunch of colored easter eggs

Free-Rangin’ Chicken Pickin’

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Good analogies get harder to find all the time. Everybody’s seen everything and every possible kind of comparison has been made between everything because you never know when the right set of variables will trigger a marketing algorithm. So when a good analogy comes along, it deserves to be celebrated.[…]

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Color photo of a tall Japanese pagoda

New Instrument, New Song, New Story

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The Instrument – I have been studying the koto for a couple of months now, and recently made a breakthrough with the help of a slightly different tuning. Instead of the traditional Japanese hirajoshi tuning (D G A Bb D Eb), my teacher Mitsuki Dazai showed me a tuning based[…]

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