What to Expect

What’s it like to take music lessons? It’s fun, but it’s also a lot of hard work. Here’s what you can expect at a normal lesson.

We’ll be sitting in the studio, surrounded by various instruments and other music gear.  Or we’ll each be in our own space, connected by the internet.

At each session we will cover these topics in this order, more or less.

Your progress since last session

I’ll ask you to play me what you’ve been working on and we will discuss it to see where you’re making progress and where you might need some pointers. We will spend time working on improvements and practice given techniques together until you feel that you’re able to take the new things home and work on them by yourself.

New material

This could be a new song, a new chord, a new scale, or whatever else we come up with that will help move you forward in your studies. We will play it, then talk about it, then play it some more. Along the way we will discuss any questions you have about the material (and you can email me anytime between classes with your questions).


I will go over your homework for the next session to make sure that we agree on what you will be working on. I will also email you with a recap of each lesson that includes this same homework information.

Click here to see a sample email


We will end each session by playing something fun. It may be very simple or it may even seem random, but it will be something that you enjoy playing. I think it’s very important to end each session with something fun and positive. That’s true for lesson time and in your practice time at home.

And then you go home (or sign off) and practice until next time, when we do it over again.


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