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New Music Is Here!

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As promised, there is new music!

Ocean Amblin’

This is a song that has been in development for many years. It all started at a jam session when someone suggested we groove on a 2-chord progression that was quite pretty. The person who suggested it said that he was working on lyrics that were intended to be romantic and have something to do with the beach. I’ve lost touch with this person, but those two chords and the idea of a romantic walk along the beach have stayed with me and they form the basis of this song. A ‘second bridge’ fell out of the guitar during recording, so now I have to listen to the track myself so I can learn what I did so I can replicate it.  Let this be a lesson, campers: music will sneak up on you.  Be warned.

The ocean track came out well and may remain on the album version, although I have recently discovered Listening Earth, a site which features high-quality field recordings. I am in discussions with them right now to license some tracks for the backgrounds in “Nature Walk”. In any case, check out their site. The recordings are wonderful!

Black Irish

This song comes out of a little riff that feels good to play and also turns out to sound cool, too. This first version is on the baritone guitar, although I am leaning towards a final version on the 12-string. It’s not all that Celtic yet, but I’ve experimented with a slower pace and some more authentic-sounding triplets and I am eager to see how it turns out. I hope it won’t take too long, but you never know.


(bonus points if you know where this spelling comes from)

Farmer’s markets are a great place to try out things and see if they work. This song started life in the open position, but really found its feet when capoed at the third fret. It’s very much a work in progress, but I like how fun it sounds and luckily, it’s fun to play as well. I’ve been trying to open up more of the fretboard, and this song gives me a bit of a chance to do that.

This is an example of me not being good at naming songs. If you have a suggestion for a name, please send it to me or write it in the comments below. Whoever suggests the name that sticks will win a fabulous prize. While I don’t know exactly what that prize will be, rest assured that it will be fabulous.


As I’ve mentioned before, the koto paints exceptionally vibrant pictures in my head or it creates music that comes from pre-existing pictures. This piece is all about koi swimming in a peaceful garden. For those looking to find the actual site of this inspiration, visit the Portland Japanese Garden and enjoy the tranquil beauty and the colorful variety of the koi you will find there.

Just like Phred, this song only has a working title and is searching for a real one. A similarly-fabulous prize awaits the person who names this song.


This is the next step in the evolution of whatever treatment I’m doing of “All The Pretty Little Horses.” It’s taken a lot of effort to slow this song down and bring it back toward being a lullaby, and I think it’s a step forward. This song is slated to appear on “Nature Walk” and I am searching for inspiration regarding the right background track. As a lullaby it seems like it wants to be at night, but I’m trying to avoid being completely cliche’ and just doing crickets. Like “Ocean Amblin'”, a new element came into it during recording and will require exploration.

Yep, same fabulous prize blurb. Why not use the original title, you ask? Because it’s not the same tune anymore. However, some kind of homage to the original is definitely in order.

Bari’s Boogie

This is just one of those fun things finger pickers do when they hold baritone guitars. I call this a “back porch” song because it’s the kind of thing you’d play while sittin’ out on the ol’ back porch. I am particularly fond of the semi-comic bend at the end of the turnaround. The recording doesn’t do it justice, so be sure and come to a show where the baritone is present so you can get the full effect.


If you really like one (or many) of these, please let me know and consider making a donation. Enjoy!

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