Jim offers solo instrumental music on any of the following instruments.
Perfect for a nice background at any event, or in concert with stories about each piece and audience interaction, too!

Six-string Guitar (“Miguel”)

One of the most approachable and recognizable instruments in the world, the 6-string acoustic guitar has a long history of making beautiful music. Jim’s custom-built model has a wonderfully warm & inviting sound that makes any tune come alive.

12-string Guitar

With a mysterious and ‘chimey’ sound and long sustain, this instrument lends an exotic flair to the more traditional sound of the guitar. Great for a more introspective feel for quieter moments and a louder sound for outdoor events or those without amplification.

Harp Guitar

[/caption] This strange-looking instrument is a combination of a guitar and a bass. Because the bass strings are ‘floating’, they are known as harp strings, thus the name. This instrument allows for some fascinating coloration of regular guitar sounds, plus adds the bass notes a rhythmic element.

Japanese Koto

Sometimes called the koto harp, this member of the zither family is the national instrument of Japan. It has a very distinctive sound and evokes very powerful imagery and a sense of place. In fact, many of the techniques used in playing the koto have names derived from natural images, such as ‘rock rolling down a hill’. At 6 feet in length, it requires a bit more room than the other instruments.