Group Music Classes

Learning music in groups is fun!  In addition to music lessons for groups, group classes are available in specialized topics, including…


A workshop where musicians learn what it’s like to be in a band by actually being in a band. Your band will do everything from choosing its name to the songs you’ll be playing and who’s going to do what in each song. It’s also for those with performance experience who want to explore new musical directions in instrumentation, singing, or genre.

Beginning Guitar Workshop

If you think of yourself as a beginning guitarist, this session is for you.  We will cover a wide range of topics including, but not even remotely limited to:  tuning, chords, strumming & picking, how to learn songs, caring for your instrument, and much more.  We’ll also introduce a few of the concepts covered in the Survival Guitar class.  Bring your guitar and let’s make some music!

Music Theory 1: A Painless Introduction

A VERY basic introduction to music theory and how it actually relates to real sounds from real instruments. If you can count to 8, you’re all set!

Survival Guitar

A method of playing and listening that allows the guitarist to walk into new situations and make great-sounding music even if they aren’t sure of the songs to be played. In more structured situations, it allows the guitarist to discover his or her own style and add more expression and interest to their music.

Lead Guitar For Strummers

Are you ready to own the stage and play some awesome leads but don’t know where to begin? This is the class for you.

Intro To Ensembles

This intensive workshop is for anyone who is new to playing in a band situation, where each member of the group has a different job to do.  Whether you’ve only ever played by yourself or in groups like song circles where everyone is doing a similar thing at the same time, this workshop is for you. Open to all instruments.



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