Workshops – Creativity. Music. Collaboration.

Jim offers workshops on a variety of topics from music to creative problem solving, songwriting to innovative living. These fun-filled programs are customized for groups of any size. Whether you’re looking for the perfect addition to your company retreat, a hands-on experience for your institution, or an unforgettable afternoon of fun for your corporate break out session, these workshops are the ideal fit for you.



Unlocking Your Creative Potential

Students use all their senses to jump-start inspiration and discover new directions in music making. Jim customizes this workshop for each student’s musical level, providing the perfect environment for non-musicians, beginners, intermediate players, and highly accomplished instrumentalists.

Jim’s “can do” attitude inspires students to explore their infinite potential, and gives each individual the confidence they need to excel.

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The Hidden Key to Jamming

Becoming a Smart Ensemble Musician

Playing music with others is an incredible, inspiring experience, but many musicians lack the skills and confidence to even give it a try. Jim’s experiences walking into new situations where he can’t read a songbook or blackboard have motivated him to develop a method he calls “Survival Guitar”, an innovative technique that applies to any instrument or life situation.

In this fun and practical workshop, students develop the confidence to avoid the age-old “I’m not good enough to do that” trap. Instead, they will discover the power to fly without a net, leap into group playing, and to make positive contributions to any ensemble setting.

The Hidden Key to Jamming workshop is available in a single or multiple-session format.

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Songwriting & Composition

Harness Your Ideas, Capture Your Originality

Building on improvisation, music theory, and imagination, Jim helps students unleash their muses and bring musical ideas together into songs full of structure and purpose. This workshop is designed for participants of every skill level, from non-musicians to experienced players.

Using a combination of instruments, keys, and progressions, Jim helps aspiring composers think outside the box with emphasis on creativity, collaboration, and self-discovery to allow each student to find their own unique style, voice, and story.

Students collaborate to produce their very own original songs while exploring brainstorming techniques, discover the balance between self-censorship and their own unlimited creativity, and build confidence in a fun, supportive group setting.

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Improv Your Life

Think on Your Feet, Free Your Ideas

Transform the way you face each day with the incredible “Improv Your Life” workshop, and that’s no typo. This magical program gives you a new way of thinking about and taking a proactive role in your life every single day.

Jim doesn’t just encourage students to think outside the box; he inspires each individual to ask, “What box?” His emphasis on personal integrity, goal-oriented thinking, and trustful collaboration brings a fresh perspective that turns mountains back into molehills, and enables folks to find extraordinary beauty and fun in ordinary things.

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Tuning In By Turning Off

Analog Living in the Digital Age

Through this groundbreaking workshop, students learn to embrace the real world and use gadgets as tools instead of appendages.

With so much technology at our fingertips every minute of every day, it’s easy to become dependent on and distracted by phones, computers, and tablets. Here, you’ll gain the skills to harness the power of technology, without technology taking power over you.

Through collaborative group games, immersive hands-on creativity, and fun-filled discussions, students learn to make life more healthful, relaxed, and productive.


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