Music Lessons – Learn Music, Be Happier

Music lessons for individuals and groups are available in the following subjects:


  • Acoustic guitar
  • Electric guitar
  • 12-string guitar
  • Baritone guitar
  • Bass guitar
  • Harp guitar

Concepts & Techniques

Improvisation & Jamming

Don’t play the instrument, play the music.  Following directions is great, but it doesn’t leave much room for individual style or expression.  Learn to make your music instead of copying someone else’s.

Music Theory

What is a chord?  How do you transpose a song to a different key?  Why does a scale sound the way it does?  And how can I use this information?  Find the answers here.  If you can count to 8, you are already on your way to learning music theory.  It’s a lot easier than you think, especially when we link an idea to a sound.

Songwriting & Composition

Learn to express your own thoughts and feelings through music you write yourself!  Song structure, finding inspiration, and the art of crafting a song are all waiting for your eager brain.


From selecting and running your sound gear to tips on lighting, stage setup, and costuming, find more technical know-how than you ever thought you knew.  Also learn how to connect with an audience and make the leap from musician to entertainer.


Individual lessons are $50 for 1 hour or $30 for a half-hour at my studio in Aloha, Oregon or online via video chat.  Group discounts are available. Click here for more detailed information.


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