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MMPDX Week 2: Streamlined For Your Protection

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And A 1 And A 2!

It’s been a bit of a rough week for Make Music PDX.  Of our original 8 members, we are down to 5 with the possibility of another person dropping out, leaving a quartet.  But from this seeming adversity, there are some bright spots.

First, there’s been good feedback from those who left the group about why they did so, which will be used to make the program better and improve communication about it.

Second, it’s easier to focus with a small group.  This is particularly important when you only have a short time to bring a show together.

Perhaps most important of all, those who are left will have the drive to see the project through.  This also makes it easier to succeed and to do good work.

“When life gives you lemons, take them and be happy you got something for nothing.”  — Me

Is it hard to shift gears like this?  You bet.  But that’s one of the many lessons that the Make Music PDX program offers.  Being in a band includes changes in personnel, sometimes frequent ones.  You have to learn to roll with changes and find ways to turn disadvantage into advantage.

This new & streamlined group is going to have some interesting times experimenting with different instruments.  Right now we are bass, 2 guitars, and me (whatever I can play that helps, I play).  I spent most of this week’s session sitting at the drum kit, which was fun and humbling for me.  I can juggle 5 balls, but playing drums is harder than that.  I think that everyone is willing to try new things, so we could end up with some crazy setups throughout the set.  Things like 3 basses and drums, or 3 guitars and vocals, or bass, guitars, and koto.  Who knows?  It’s too early to tell yet.  But one thing’s for sure, everyone who hangs in is going to learn a lot–and that’s what this program is all about.

What we need is a gimmick! Every successful group has got to have a gimmick!  Like these guys…

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