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Blindness Awareness

Using Challenge as a Springboard for Success

In this fun, informative workshop, disability and blindness are de-mystified as students learn to see limitation as a doorway to possibility. Participants discuss their own experiences while gaining the skills to use any challenge as a jumping-off point for creative problem solving and innovative living.

This interactive, inspiring workshop is perfect for students with and without disabilities, and is designed as a catalyst for safe discussion and personal discovery.

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Imagination Immersion

Hands-On Creativity for Kids

This exciting workshop gives kids a creative space to kick start their imaginative powers.

In a media-driven culture where youngsters increasingly rely on technology for entertainment and stimulation, this workshop provides kids the opportunity to explore their own creative process, talents, and interests without distraction.

Participants begin to find magic in the simplest places, from finger painting and song sharing, to using found objects in storytelling. Here, lines between music and visual art, movement and text are blurred, allowing youngsters to pursue their ideas while moving fluidly from one form to another.

This hands-on workshop utilizes local resources and classroom materials in games and exercises that teachers can use long after the program ends. Kids learn that inspiration happens everywhere, and leave curious and motivated to continue investigating their own creative impulses.

Bonus for Your School!

When your school books this exciting workshop, you’ll also get the option of a post-workshop concert where students are invited to share their original works onstage.

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Songwriting For Everyone

Turning Ideas Into Music

Students collaborate to produce their very own original songs. Designed for participants of every skill level, from non-musicians to beginners to experienced instrumentalists. Emphasis is placed on creativity, collaboration, and self-discovery.

Students explore brainstorming techniques, discover the balance between self-censorship and their own unlimited creativity, and build confidence in a fun, supportive group setting that includes discussions about the creative process as it applies to any multiple mediums and life pursuits, and as it applies to music specifically.

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Jim Dorman in Concert

Inspiring Performances. Effective Fundraisers.

Jim offers family-friendly concerts that kick-start your fundraising, motivate donors, and help you meet your financial goals.

These fun-filled concerts showcase the wonder and magic of school that’s so often taken for granted, get kids and adults excited about learning, and generate a buzz about your specific institution. When you book Jim, you get the perfect addition to this year’s fundraising plans.


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