Reflection, Hope, Solace

Celebrating a life is a time for people to gather and share. Live music encourages those present to share the moment, unlike recordings which can cause people to become isolated in their own thoughts.

Whether it’s a classic hymn, folk favorite, or original work, Jim Dorman’s versatility and musical craftsmanship create a soothing & serene backdrop to any event, while his intricate melodies provide interest and texture without becoming a distraction.

Jim’s music is easy to listen to, but it’s a lot more than just easy listening. While there’s a lot going on in Jim’s music, his songs leave room for contemplation and encourage reflection, allowing each listener to create their own picture from the sounds they hear.

Available Instruments

Jim & Miguel

6-String Acoustic Guitar

The 6-string acoustic guitar is one of the most approachable and recognizable instruments in the world. Guitar music tends to be less formal than piano and helps guests feel more comfortable and relaxed. This instrument’s versatility make it a perfect choice for any occasion.

Ocean Amblin’

Baritone Guitar

This instrument is similar to the traditional 6-string guitar, but tuned in a lower register for a warmer and mellower sound. It sets a mood that is more contemplative and generally works best when played at a slower tempo, where the notes have more room to expand.

(sample music coming soon)

12-String Guitar

This guitar has more volume than a 6-string guitar, balanced with a a mysterious and chiming tone. It is well suited for livelier events because of its higher volume, or for events that require a more ethereal, searching type of sound.

Easy Duz It

Harp Guitar

A combination of guitar and bass, the harp guitar is an unusual instrument with a sound all its own. Its distinctive shape attracts a lot of attention, and the sweet tones that emerge from it create a richly-colored sonic landscape.

5 Minutes From Now

Harp guitar

Japanese Koto

This striking member of the zither family has a sound similar to a harp, but with a ‘woodier’ tone and more volume. Koto music is often inspired by the natural world, and enchants listeners with vivid imagery and a strong sense of place, lending an organic feel to any gathering. At 6 feet in length, it requires a bit more room than the guitars.

Felis Astros