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Always Looking Forward

Jim’s motivational talks inspire audiences to rethink the impossible, and to live life creatively.

In addition to writing and recording recording original music, performance engagements, and teaching, Jim is the founder of Neon Husky, an online store specializing in high quality juggling equipment. Both his musical career and business venture began after Jim was certified legally blind, an experience that empowered him to re-imagine his lifestyle, learning to view this limitation as a springboard for discovery and a catalyst for success.

Each of Jim’s motivational talks is designed to unlock audiences’ inner muse, imaginative impulses, and infinite potential. Through sessions that entertain, engage, and inspire, Jim gives viewers the tools to reignite creativity both at home and in the workplace.

Jim is constantly developing new projects, and is currently planning to open an interdisciplinary arts camp where participants explore forms outside their areas of expertise, giving them the tools to discover new perspectives and directions in their own work.

Jim’s constant desire to create new work and dive into innovative projects infuses each of his speaking engagements with a fresh perspective and renewed inspiration.

Funny, friendly, and poignant, Jim’s talks are a memorable addition to any event.


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