Fender Stratocaster

photo of Jim in an Elvis costume with jumpsuit, cape, wig, and platform shoes
It’s not every day one gets to be an Elvis
Yes, it’s true–I also own some electric instruments. This one is a Deluxe Player’s Edition with some cosmetic modifications. I’ve owned it for a very long time, and perhaps its greatest claim to fame was at a Made Music PDX show (the precursor to Bandmakers) where I played it in full Elvis regalia.

I haven’t played electric guitar for a long time, but as I explore some more ambient & experimental directions, I think my electric guitars may make a comeback. Besides, it looks too cool to get rid of!


  • Make:   Fender
  • Model:   Stratocaster (Deluxe Player Edition)
  • Serial #:   xxx
  • Body:   Alder
  • Fretboard:   Maple
  • Bridge:   Fender stock tremolo
  • Finish:   Transparent Blue Gloss
  • Pickups:   3 x single-coil Fender