From the Blogahedron

From the Blogahedron

photo of Jim in the recording studio with his harp guitar

New Demo Tracks

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A lot of stuff has been going on lately. A website renovation, several new show dates, and now some fresh & crispy demo tracks courtesy of Jon and the rest of the critters at Pyrate Llama.


It took a bit of doing to dial in the microphone setup for the harp guitar, but once we got there the sound was phenomenal. Of course, that also meant that the pressure was all on me to deliver good music into those mics. Going into the session looking for some solid demos, I feel like we accomplished what we were aiming for.

Besides being a solid part of my promotional toolbox, these recordings will also help me focus on improvements that will be made for future sessions when we start doing the actual album tracks.

These new tracks, along with information about upcoming shows, can be found on the official TAP website.

Happy listening!

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