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members of Dyssband on stage for a sound check

Strike Up The Bands

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We’re with the band, man…

Those of you who follow this blog or know much of anything about me know about my interest in the Make Music PDX program.  I owe a lot of my musical career to the lessons I’ve learned as a member of several bands.  But now there’s something different going on.

Enter Bandmakers–a program built on the ideas of Make Music PDX, but with more options and the chance to revitalize the original program.  After much discussion, those folks with a special interest in the program are working to create the next step in its evolution.

Visit the Bandmakers website to learn more and sign up.

We’re just starting out, but there are big dreams to chase and lots of people to enjoy the magic that is making music together.  And speaking of that, here’s an example of how much fun people can have doing this sort of thing.  Yes, that’s me in the middle.  Tune in next time to hear the story of how it all came to be, and how I learned about why big stars need support staff.


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