Clement 4-string

This bass is amazing. Not only does it look fantastic, but it plays like buttah. The body is made of multiple pieces and the neck is bolted on, but it feels like a single piece of wood in my hands. Best of all, I got this fully custom bass for less than the cost of a nice off-the-rack model.

Tom Clement builds custom basses with some really interesting body styles. This one is the Wide Joan, which is part of his ergonomic series. It weighs just over 7 pounds–light and comfortable, but not so light that it gets away from me when I play it. Tom also has a great eye for exotic woods and offers some magnificent choices for top veneers. This one is a Maple burl that I could not resist. Check out his website to see more of his work–and while you’re there, order a bass!


  • Make:   Clement
  • Model:   Wide Joan
  • Serial #:   xxx
  • Body:   Swamp Ash
  • Veneer:   Maple burl
  • Fretboard:   Rosated Maple
  • PIckups:   P + J