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Bandmakers is a workshop where musicians learn what it’s like to be in a band by actually being in a band. Your band will do everything from choosing its name to the songs you’ll be playing and who’s going to do what in each song. It’s also for those with performance experience who want to explore new musical directions in instrumentation, singing, or genre.

How It Works
Each participant fills out a questionnaire providing information about their musical skills, experience, and preferences. The mentoring team will go through those forms and create bands with a good mix of skills, instruments, and musical compatibility.

Each band has a mentor–an experienced musician who helps take notes, facilitate communication, and provide an objective ear to help guide the band through the song development process. When a band gets stuck on something, the mentor can often provide that one small piece of advice to help get things back on track. Your mentor is not a teacher or coach, they are there to provide guidance and support rather than step-by-step instructions. Which songs you play and how you play them is up to your band!

The workshop ends with a show in front of a real audience of your friends & family. There will be other chances to play your set, too.

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