Ocean Amblin (6-string guitar)

Inspired by afternoons on the Oregon coast, this song is about romance and a simpler life. It’s about sharing the joys and beauty of life with others. While there are darker moments, they appear only as passing clouds, soon moving off and allowing the sun to shine again. It’s a metaphor for what life is like if you look for the good instead of the bad, and sends that message to listeners of all ages.

Felis Astros (koto)

This song began as an exercise, then grew into an idea, then that idea inspired a story, which inspired the rest of the song.  It’s about a cat who loves to dance, a clumsy elephant, and acquired wisdom.

Easy Duz It (12-string guitar)

This one’s dedicated to all dish washers everywhere. Why, you ask? You’ll have to wait until the album comes out and read it in the liner notes.

Harpalicious! (harp guitar)

This fun mixture of jazz & blues was born during a break at a recording session.  It’s never the same song twice!

Black Irish (baritone guitar)

This song is about magic, somewhere between the sparkles of faerie dust and the heavy brooding of ‘the dark arts.’ That glimpse of movement on a dark night, the sense that each of us is surrounded by a world that is much bigger than we are and filled with wonders beyond our understanding. It’s about embracing the mysterious and enjoying the wonder of it rather than trying to dissect everything all the time. That delicious hunger fueled by our imagination, that drives our curiosity and makes us long for more hidden lands to explore.

Sky Rabbit (harp guitar)

The first song I ever wrote…well, the first one that made it out of the idea stage. Originally written for 6-string but it translated so well to the harp guitar that I decided to let it stay there.

The Sugar Cube Waltz (6-string guitar)

From a soft lullaby about a child’s playthings, this song has moved from the sweet dreams of bedtime to the deep and powerful dreams we never remember. Dreams of mythical, ethereal creatures dancing an intricate waltz around us as we sleep, but who always disappear by morning. Part of us knows they were there, but we’re never quite sure.

5 Minutes From Now (harp guitar)

People always talk about what the best time of life is. My answer: “Five minutes from now. You’ll want to stick around because it’s going to be amazing!”

Song For Alice (6-string guitar)

A song for an absent friend. The first song I ever sat down intending to wrtie–it still took a long time and was an organic process, but I did try…

Bari’s Boogie (baritone guitar)

Fun. It’s about fun. It’s about silly, goofy fun. About skipping when you’re 50 years old. Or telling dumb jokes in the checkout line to make people smile. Or watching your grandpa run through the sprinkler. The kind of carefree joy we wish we could experience every day. And we can, even if it’s only for a minute or two at a time.