The Acoustic Pedestrian Podcast

The Acoustic Pedestrian Podcast

This podcast series is about creative things that people do, and creative people doing things.  No politics, no religion–those things tend to drive people apart, and this show is all about bringing people together.  Other topics will include disability, the natural world with information and inspiration, and whatever else comes along that sounds interesting.  This is a community effort, and your input is welcome!  If you have an idea for a show topic, drop me a line.  Who knows? You might even wind up on the podcast!

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Episode 05: People Like Us – Lauren Everett – August 31, 2018

In this episode I talk with Lauren Everett about her book People Like Us: The Cult of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. It’s a photo study of several different “shadow casts”, that’s people who dress up and act out The Rocky Horror Picture Show in front of the screen.  This isn’t just about going to a weird movie at midnight and throwing toast, it’s about community, frivolity, and general zaniness.

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This podcast is funded entirely by donations.  Each 1-hour episode takes 10-15 hours to produce including recording, editing, mixing, and publishing.  If you’d like to help me create more content more often, you can make a one-time donation for any amount or you can become a sustaining patron by pledging as little as $1 per month. Patrons receive access to special content, sneak previews, and several different rewards.

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