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MMPDX Week 7: Down the Stretch

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Take me out to re-hear-sal,

Take me out with the band…

Ladies and gentlemen…introducing The Gym Dandies!

Believe it or not, we actually decided on a name.  It’s apt because the show takes place in a gymnasium, and it’s suitably cheesy and family-friendly to get the job done for the one show it has to last for.

Rehearsals are going well, the arrangements are starting to settle in and we can refine the sound and get into the stuff that makes music more interesting than just a series of sounds that go well together.  From all indicators, it looks like my drumming days are over for the session, but I’ll be playing guitar on at least one song, probably two.  This suits my desire for variety just fine.

Next week: More of the same, or so we hope.  Polish, polish, polish.


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