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MMPDX Week 4: Songs and More Songs

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One two three FOUR!

Whew!  Traffic on Wednesday nights is a nightmare.  But we finally got it all together and are working our way toward the short list that will become our set.  It’s a mixed bag, with songs from Neil Young, Gordon Lightfoot, The Searchers, Tom Petty, and even an original or two from within the band.

As we begin the arranging process, I get the feeling that I will be spending most, if not all, of my time behind the bass.  I’m okay with that, but it is a little disappointing not to get more time with the drums.  However, it’s all about making the best possible contribution and if that’s bass, then that’s where I belong.  Although a cowbell was just discovered in the box of instruments last night, so drums may be a requirement on at least one song.

It’s looking very much like our show date will be December 17th, the change on the schedule will be changed as soon as they make an official decision.  There’s some talk about having us play a number with the combined groups from the school where we’ll be, which I am particularly excited about.  Nobody has any idea which song we’ll play yet, but I love sitting in and it’s a lot of fun when groups can get together like this, for both the performers and the audience.

We’ve been working on coming up with a name for this band, here are some of the front runners so far. Have an opinion? Comment!

  1. The Gym Dandies (we will play our show in a gymnasium)
  2. Survivors of Discord
  3. Chocolate Napalm
  4. Vegetarian Piranhas
  5. Styrofoam Desperadoes
  6. Quantum Hamster Project
  7. Kung-Fu Janitors

In non-MMPDX news, I got to spend a very pleasant afternoon playing some jazz and talking about forming a trio with a very talented guitarist.  It’s too soon to tell anything for sure, but it was a good beginning.  And if nothing else, it was a chance to talk music and feel a little challenged.  Good stuff all around.  We made some good music with Strat & J-Bass, and also with 2 acoustic guitars.  No recordings from this session, but if there are more sessions, the tape machine will be in play for sure.

Next week:  The short list advances!

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