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This podcast series is about creative things that people do, and creative people doing things.  No politics, no religion–those things tend to drive people apart, and this show is all about bringing people together.  Other topics will include disability, the natural world with information and inspiration, and whatever else comes along that sounds interesting.

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Episode 06: That All May Read

A siberian husky sitting with its paws on an open book as if it is reading. There is a bookshelf in the background.

Reading is one of the most important skills anyone can learn. It allows us to explore endless possibilities, learn about other places and people, and see the world in new ways. Visiting this page requires that you be able to read.

Now imagine that someone took away your ability to read. Forever. Because you can’t see well enough, or you can’t hold a book, or you can see the letters but you can’t understand how they make words. No more books, magazines, newspapers, comics…what-have-you. All out of reach except if you can get someone to read things to you, which takes a lot of time on their part and they don’t get to enjoy what they’re reading because they have to focus on reading it well so you can enjoy it.

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