Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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What topics will be covered?

Most of our class time will be spent covering topics suggested by the participants.  About 3 weeks before the event, everyone will receive a questionnaire asking about their skills, goals, and interests.  The answers to those questions will form about two-thirds of the group classes.  The other third will cover topics such as these:

  • Exploring movement – Rhythmic, melodic, and otherwise
  • Adding emotion to your music – Don’t just play the notes
  • Busting the “I’m not good enough” myth – Making the most out of the skills you have
  • The Audience – Thinking about who’s listening and how to reach them
  • Other topics that may arise from discussions during the event

Here’s a preview of one of these topics…

What skills are required?

  1.  You need to know some basic open position chords (see list, below) and be able to change between them smoothly without having to stop or slow down your playing in a slow to moderate tempo.
    Chords: C A G E D Am Em Dm Bm (knowing more is better)
  2. You should have at least 2 years of experience playing the guitar.  This workshop is not designed to teach basic techniques like how to hold your pick or make a chord.
  3. You need to be able to count to 8.
  4. Knowing at least one scale would be helpful, but if you can handle #3, then you’ll do fine.

Do I need to be able to read sheet music or TAB?

Not at all.  If you know how, that’s to your advantage.  But it is not a requirement for this seminar.

Do I need to know any music theory?

Knowing a little bit about how scales work and what a chord progression is will be helpful, but these are simple skills that you can pick up along the way. Just like reading music, it’s a tool in your toolbox that you can use if you have it.

Is there a minimum age?

Not specifically, but each group class is 2 hours long with a short break in the middle.  Between this, the required skill set, and the cost, adults can use their best judgement about whether or not someone is old enough to attend.  Contact Jim with any questions.

Will there be loaner guitars available?

No, you need to bring your own instrument.  There will be other types of guitars to try, but they are not intended for use during class sessions.

Can I bring my electric guitar?

This session is designed for acoustic guitar only.  If you have a non-standard acoustic guitar (tenor, baritone, etc.), feel free to bring it!  Check back as plans are in the works to create an electric-friendly seminar.

What about special diets?

We can accommodate your needs, as long as we know ahead of time.  Each registrant will receive a questionnaire which will cover things like special diets.

Is the location wheelchair accessible?

The house is not,  but parts of the property are so accommodation could be made for the instructional sessions and those needing better access could stay off-site.  Please contact Jim to discuss your specific needs before you register.

I have a visual disability.  Will I get anything out of this course?

Absolutely!  While handouts and other printed materials will be used, much of the instruction is oral and focuses heavily on listening.  Copies of all instructional materials will be available in electronic format as well.

Can I bring my pet?

No, please leave pets at home.  They are not allowed in the house and it is easier to avoid allergy issues.  Certified service animals are acceptable, but be sure to discuss this with us prior to registering.