Strumming By The Sea

Strumming By The Sea

Coming June 14-18, 2017…

Dive into this immersive musical event to build your skills, make connections with other guitarists, and enjoy a beachside escape!

This intensive seminar includes:

  • Group classes each day
  • One-on-one instruction with Jim
  • The chance to try other instruments such as 12-string, baritone, and harp guitars
  • Handouts and other study materials
  • Accommodations & meals
  • Ample free time for practice, jamming, relaxing, and exploring

About the Classes

Many topics will come from questionnaires sent to students prior to the event.  Other topics will include:

  • Exploring movement – Rhythmic, melodic, and otherwise
  • Adding emotion to your music – Don’t just play the notes
  • Busting the “I’m not good enough” myth – Making the most out of the skills you have
  • The Audience – Thinking about who’s listening and how to reach them

Here’s a sneak preview…

About The Location

Gearhart is on the Oregon coast, 2 miles north of Seaside on US 101.  The house is 3 blocks from the beach and backs onto a golf course for a quiet & relaxing atmosphere.  The North Coast area is rich with attractions and activities for all ages.

About The Instructor

Jim Dorman says that he doesn’t write music, he discovers it. His songs are filled with imagery and a sense of adventure, whether they reach to the ends of the universe or within your own back yard. His teaching style is based on success, helping students build confidence as they learn new techniques and ideas. His passion for music is contagious, leaving students excited and inspired to pursue their musical dreams, large and small.

Jim’s organic approach enables students to think of music as a holistic experience rather than as a set of physical skills or notes to be imitated. He encourages each student to make each song their own by exploring how the music affects them inside, and to bring those feelings and ideas into the sounds they create. His practical advice helps students learn to use simple techniques to make their music more interesting, using tools that are so simple, they’re often overlooked.