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From the Blogahedron

MMPDX Week 6: Settling In

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We had a very good session this week with progress on arrangements, narrowing down the set list, and starting to have songs sound like songs instead of experiments.

Our ‘maybe’ drummer didn’t show up, we don’t know why. We’ll soldier on though, and I can’t say I’m all that disappointed since I get to put my (short but dedicated) drum practice to good use. So far I believe I’ll be playing bass, acoustic guitar, and drums. No, not all at once…. I like switching things up like that, it’s a good challenge and it keeps everything fresh. Although it can be a pain hauling extra gear sometimes.

It looks like they’ve finally decided on the time for the show, although no one knows if we are on first or last. I guess as long as they tell us before the show actually begins, that will be good enough. There’s been no more word on whether or not we’ll be playing a number with the combined music classes, at this point it seems doubtful that everyone can get all the pieces together to make that happen. If this combined show thing works out, maybe plans can be made for future sessions.

Next week: Hopefully the short list will be set and we can work on some musical details. It’s going to be a good show, and as always it will prove very educational for all the participants.

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