Sample RSVP Acknowledgement

Items in {braces} are things you would change to suit your event. items with an asterisk (*) have notes about them, see the end of this page for those.

Thanks for your reply! I’m glad to welcome you to the Jim Dorman show in my home. Here’s a recap of the details:

Date: {Friday April 1, 2015}
Time: Doors open at {6:30pm}, the show begins at {7:30pm}
Place: {your address}
Cost: {$15.00} per person {admission, suggested donation, etc.}

Seating for the show is limited, so please reply to this email with the number of folks in your party. We want to be sure to save your seats!

There are {3 steps up to our front door}, assistance will be available for those who need it. We have {no, 1, 622 pets}.

In addition to your {donation, admission], please consider purchasing CDs or other merchandise from Mr. Dorman to help cover his expenses and support his continued artistry.

The concert will be followed by {a dessert potluck}, so please bring {something yummy to share}*1.

The show will begin promptly at {7:30pm}. There will be {two sets with a 15-minute intermission}.

See you at the show!
{Joe Bloe}

*1 – If you are offering special food choices (sugar-free, vegetarian, etc.), be sure to mention that.

*2 – Be sure to include the ZIP code. Most map and GPS applications use this. Don’t assume that all your guests know which ZIP code your house is in.