Sample House Concert Invitation

Items in {braces} are things you would change to suit your event. items with an asterisk (*) have notes about them, see the end of this page for those.

Hello everyone, I have exciting news!

I will be hosting house concert on {date} for a terrific musical artist: Jim Dorman. Jim’s a solo acoustic artist who performs original material on a variety of instruments. You can hear some of Jim’s music and learn more about his work on his website at www.jimdorman.com.

If you’d like to attend and I think you would (why else would I be writing this email?) , please respond by {Friday the 12th}*1 and let me know how many people are in your party! This is a house concert so there is limited space–sign up early to be guarantee your spot.

Here are the details:

We will be paying for this performance through donations, so we are asking each guest to donate [$15 at the door], and to consider purchasing CDs or other merchandise from Mr. Dorman to help cover his expenses and support his continued artistry.

The concert will be followed by [a dessert potluck], so please bring {something yummy to share}*2.

Please arrive anytime after {6:30pm} when we will have {munchies, conversation, and cat juggling}. The show will begin promptly at {7:30pm}. There will be {two sets with a 15-minute intermission}.

The event takes place at my home, {123 Main St., Anytown, USA 12345}*3.

Seating will be {in chairs with 2 spots on the sofa.} There are {3 steps up to our front door}, and assistance will be available for those who need it. We have {no, 1, 622 pets}.

Hope to see you there!
{Joe Bloe}

*1 – It’s very helpful to give people a deadline for their RSVPs. It often makes them actually do it. It’s also not a bad idea to stress that seating is limited so people get the idea they can’t just drop in.

*2 – If you are offering special food choices (sugar-free, vegetarian, etc.), be sure to mention that.

*3 – Be sure to include the ZIP code. Most map and GPS applications use this. Don’t assume that all your guests know which ZIP code your house is in.